The Calumet Way

We are guided in all of our actions and decisions by a set of strongly held values. We believe in:

* Honesty and Integrity:  our consistent adherence to honesty and integrity makes us a dependable and predictable company
* Loyalty:  we will be loyal partners with our customers and suppliers, always acting in our mutual interests
* Dignity:  our behavior and communications will always be respectful


We will realize our vision by making continuous improvements in these vital areas:

* Safe:  Calumet will continually strive to reduce injury and illness.
* Silent:  an ongoing effort will be made toward making Calumet a quieter place through noise reduction.
* Spotless:  We will seek new and improved ways to make our workplace cleaner, neater and more organized.
* Zero Setups:  a goal of reducing non-productive time and shortening setup time can be obtained. Reduction of setup time through improvements in organization, training, an equipment will result in a reduction of lead-time and inventory.
* Zero Defects:  elimination of rejects and rework through defect prevention will increase our productivity.
* Zero Waste:  Elimination of non-value activities through lean manufacturing techniques will reduce waste and increase profitability.

The Bottom Line

Performance measured against all of these standards will bring prosperity to all stakeholders, our families, employees, customers, and suppliers.


The Calumet Way
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